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Command Update September 15th PDF Print E-mail

The 9thAF is currently undergoing some changes. A new command structure has been established as the following, approved by the concerned members : 

  • Commander of 9th - Lt. Gen Psycho
  • Vice Commander of 9th - Maj. Gen Nachtwolf
  • Commander of 23rd Wing (A-10s) - Colonel Cephus
  • Commander of 4th Fighter Wing (F-15s) - Colonel Rooster

These changes will reflect the real 9th Air Force ranks for commanding officers. The 9thAF command is also discussing changes to the training syllabus and outline. Our main goals here are better communications and a more true to life and immersive squadron experience.

"These are exciting times for the 9th! We have the opportunity to make some real positive changes."  - Cephus

In the name of the whole squadron, I would like to specially thank Cephus for the awesome command job he did. And wish him a great time commanding in the most dirty way, riding his A-10 at 300knots over the treetops, collecting birds. Thanks for all the hard work.

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