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Command Update November 1st PDF Print E-mail

Greetings, this is the second update. After this one, a new update will be posted twice a month until changes are completely done.

Pilots might have noticed the new Logbook menu item! This system will allow our pilots to gauge their progress, review previous flights and will allow instructors to fill out student logbooks with notes on what topics were covered during the flight. This is now functional and is ready for prime-time. Time that does belong in your Virtual 9th Logbook is multiplayer training missions, combat missions, and community events flown with other members of the 9th. Time that doesn't belong in your Virtual 9th Logook is multiplayer time by yourself (i.e. not with other members of the 9th) and single-player time.

"Well this certainly looks the business! Great addition to the site!" - Prophecy

Also, here is a summary of what has been decided in the past few weeks :

The main goals of the 9thAF have been defined and will now be our guidelines for further discussion.

  • Fun. The realism type of fun, that of achievement.
  • Professionalism. Fly as if your lives and that of your teammates really depend on it.
  • Positive attitudes.

The new training process will be modelled after what is in place in the real air force. Of course, adapted to the simulation world and needs.

  • New applicants will first have to study and pass the IFS written exam (initial flight screening).
  • After IFS is passed, applicants will go through UPT (undergraduate pilot training).
  • Once UPT is completed, students are granted the 9thAF tag and move on their chosen AirWing.

Means of testing are various and include, but are not limited to: multiple choice, short answers, timed response and oral exams. We hope to have online testing set up by December.

Please note however that being in training doesn’t mean being grounded. Applicants are encouraged to fly with the 9thAF as much as they want.

Our dedicated server should be online by mid November.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 November 2007 )
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