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Command Update November 17th PDF Print E-mail

Hello everyone, this is our Mid-November 2007 Progress report.

Lots of important things to mention this time.

Contents :
   * Official mission of the Virtual 9th Air Force
   * Activity requirements - Effective from December 2007
      - Regulations
      - Disciplinary actions
      - Additionnal information
   * Logbook regulations - Effective immediately
      - Further details

Some decisions will take effect immediately and some on December 1st.

All pilots should carefully read this.

Official mission of the Virtual 9th Air Force
Our goal is to create total air domination through a unified team effort of both fighter and ground attack aircraft.

"I want to create something that draws in and keeps the most dedicated combat flight simulation pilots.
I want people that have had fights with their spouses over flying.
I want people that have a full cockpit in their living rooms that acts as a home entertainment center when not in use.
I want people with $300 dollar stick and throttle setups and know how to or are trainable in using them to reach our goals."

- Psycho

Activity requirements - Effective from December 2007

Regulations :

To remain active, a pilot will have to fly and log a minimum of 4 hours a month.
This is logbook time. Does not qualify : time flown by yourself or without any other 9thAF member.  
* If you think you will not be able to fill in the required time, ask for a leave.  
* Maximum leave is 3 months in a row, after which you should have at least that many months of activity.   
* For special cases, talk with your wing commander  

Disciplinary actions :
The following actions will take place for the situations :
   * The pilot logs less than the required time for one month : Missed time will have to be recovered the month after.
   * The pilot logs less than the required time for two months : The wing commander will have a talk with him.
   * The pilot does not log any time for one month without asking for a leave : The wing commander will have a talk with him. 

After a talk with the wing commander, an arrangement should have been made to either be on leave or to correct the situation.

If the situation is persistent or recurrent the pilot could be removed from roster.

Additionnal information :

Pilots slots will be limited to 6 per wing, including the wing commander. A slot will remain open if the wing commander sees no one fit for filling it. We understand you can't fly all the time but these rules are flexible enough to accommodate any interested pilot and are necessary to keep the roster clean.


Logbook regulations - Effective immediately

Pilots are required to log their own time to their logbook and are trusted enough not to fill in bogus reports.

Time which qualifies is strictly teamwork time flown by at least two members of the 9thAF who are working together simultaneously in the same server to achieve a common mission objective.
Further details
   * Name of the 9thAF wingmate has to be entered in remarks, records should match.
   * A combat sortie is the time flown from take-off to the next landing/mishap while carrying or attempting to carry a combat task.
   * Night is when the airfields are lit up.

Please don't hesitate to get together and fly. Start padding your logbooks pilots!
If you need a walkthrough on filling the logbook, please ask a command officer.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 08 December 2007 )
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