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Command Update December 3rd PDF Print E-mail


Starting this month, activity and logbook requirements are effective. Please double-check the regulations and make sure you log your required monthly time. Check previous news for further information.


  • Application and training
  • Timeline
  • Current awards
  • Other items

Application and training

Applicants will go through the following process before being granted the pilot status. 

  • Register on our site (forums)
  • Fill out application on Join Us! page

They are now applicants

  • Study for IFS
  • Pass IFS written and oral

They are now a "Student" and are added to the student squadron (to be added) as a 2nd Lt.

  • UPT training in A-10
  • Pass UPT checkride

At this point, the student is now an official 9th AF Pilot and is moved to his squadron. He is given his "wings" and 9thAF tag.

Once they are accepted as pilots, they will have SUPT (Specialized undergraduate pilot training) in their chosen airframe (F-15 or A-10).



We –finally- defined a clear timeline to start our operations:

On December 7th, we will start taking recruitment requests. There will be a Join Us link available on the main menu. After you apply, a commander will get in touch with you for a brief interview and you will have to study, take and pass the IFS exam on your own.

In mid-December, IFS will be up for applicants to take. Your command staff is the sacrificial guinea pig for testing IFS and we should have a nice and spicy test by then.



After Cephus is done with his UPT training vacations, we will see what will happen with the current checkride ribbons. Meanwhile we do know the following:

Commanders will get wings and the command pin.

Pilots will get wings.

Awards (red flag campaign or hard work recognition) will stay for what they have been awarded for but the actual award might be adjusted.

If you have a real ribbon in the air force, sorry but you don’t automatically get the virtual ribbon. What you did in life is one thing and what you did in the 9thAF is something else.


Other items

We have further discussed some more internal issues such as testing and training itself, website and some technical details.

In the next update, we will cover in more details the application and training process.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 December 2007 )
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