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The Virtual 9th Air Force attempts to simulate the actual Air Force pilot training program to the highest degree possible. We have 4 different courses designed to take an applicant with fundamental knowledge of flying to an experienced, professional, highly-skilled  A-10 pilot. During these courses, the student will fly multiple sorties, take multiple computer-based written tests, oral tests, and practical tests (or checkrides). At different stages of training, pilots are promoted and/or given awards for their achievement. The following is a pilot's typical progression through our application and training process:

Initial Flight Screening (IFS) - [Syllabus]
Applicant studies written material covering topics such as forces of flight and the traffic pattern. The goal of IFS is to get applicants up to speed on flight theory and aircraft basics.

  • Applicant applies to the Virtual 9th Air Force through the Join Us! page.
  • Applicant meets his or her commander or instructor on Teamspeak.
  • Applicant is given a package of material to study.
  • Applicant takes the IFS written and oral tests.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of IFS, applicant is now an official Student Pilot of the Virtual 9th Air Force.

Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) - [A-10 Syllabus]  
Student pilot learns to use, control and fly the A-10A. The goal of UPT is to become proficient with your own aircraft.

  • Student pilot flies multiple training flights and a checkride with an instructor pilot.
  • Topics include flying the traffic pattern, aerobatic maneuvers, navigation, and refueling.
  • Upon completion of UPT, student pilot is now an official Pilot of the Virtual 9th Air Force.

Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) - [A-10 Syllabus]  
Pilot will now fly his or her assigned airframe in preparation for MQT. The goal of SUPT is to become a dependable flight wingman.

  • Pilot flies many training flights and a number of checkrides.
  • Topics include formations, tactics, and brevity.
  • Upon successful completion of SUPT, the pilot is now a Qualified Formation Wingman of the Virtual 9th Air Force.

Mission Qualifications Training (MQT) (Hog Academy for A-10) -  [A-10 Syllabus]
Pilot learns to employ ordnance and turn their aircraft into a deadly weapon. The goal of MQT is to become a dependable combat wingman.

  • Pilot flies many training flights and a number of checkrides.
  • Upon successful completion of MQT, the pilot is now an official Combat-Ready Wingman of the Virtual 9th Air Force.

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