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Command Update December 21st PDF Print E-mail

This is our Mid-December update, a bit late but it's Nachtwolf who writes all this and he was busy. He talks to the third person too.

First of all, the 9thAF wishes you all a merry Christmas !

Santa Claus

Contents :

  • Calendar
  • Teamspeak Keybindings
  • Commanders on leave for Christmas


When you create an event, you have to choose a category:

    • General – Casual flights planned between 9thAF members, general information.
    • Training – Self explanatory, usually set by Instructor
    • Community – This is an event involving the Lock-On community or the 9thAF community such as 9thAF missions, Red flag, Black sea battles or such.
    • Meetings – All kinds of meetings.

All times are in zulu time. Beware of possible day offsets. An event set to happen Tuesday at 21h00 GMT –5 (EST) will be on the calendar Wednesday at 0200zulu. So, make sure you check both the day and the time for an event since it might be on another day according to your local time zone. Keep this in mind when you setup a new event on the calendar.

Teamspeak Keybindings

The flight names have been changed for the fighter wing so the bindings have been updated. Also, new bindings have been created for the Red side on our Teamspeak.

Keys you should map to your joystick for easy access:

  • Push to talk key
  • Talk to all side : + or SHIFT + `
  • Talk to A-10s : SHIFT + 1
  • Talk to F-15s : SHIFT + 2
  • Talk to AFAC : SHIFT + 3

If you don't have the space, please map at least Push to talk plus the talk to all side binding. Flight leaders are required to do so. If you really can’t map them on your joystick, make sure you remember and use them. Please note the bindings do not seem to work with voice activation.

 Commanders on leave for Christmas 

  • Psycho 22nd to 29th
  • Cephus 23rd to 1st
Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 December 2007 )
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