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Command Update January 19th PDF Print E-mail

This is our mid-January update. There was no update for January 1st as things didn’t really move during the family parties and all.

Contents :

  • Teamspeak server
  • New training outline
  • Awards updated
  • UPT status
  • Logbook time

Teamspeak server

As some of you might already know, we switched our primary Teamspeak. We would like to specially thank Cleardark which has provided a very good service with the Teamspeak server so far. However, the switch has been made and Shotglass is now our primary Teamspeak host.

New training outline

The new training outline is finished and up. Please have a look. Since this is public information and primarily put there for applicants and UPT students, the first training steps are covered in more detail. However, we will most likely detail the higher steps as our training program is progressively polished in the near future.

Awards updated

Wondering why your checkride ribbons are gone? Well that’s because we are now updating awards to the new training program. Once you complete SUPT, you will be granted the official Air Force Training Ribbon. Notice that ranks and previously held awards are kept as is unless the ones you earn are higher.

UPT status

We currently have 1 UPT student (Bolt) and some pilots on standby for UPT checkrides. Also we have a first graduate; congratulations to 2Smart and best luck with your SUPT training in the fighter wing! Chances are a new UPT round will start soon for potential applicants.

Also, as most of you know, all of our pilots will have to be checked on UPT requirements in order to be granted their wings. Don’t be stressed about it, we will give you time to practice it. An order of precedence has been established based on current knowledge, rank, need and longevity in service. Your wing commander will get in touch with you about this.

Logbook time

We have clarified something up in the logbook.
About time categories :

  • From now on, you may only log time as wingman if you are a qualified wingman (after SUPT) and are flying with a qualified leader (after Flight Leader Qualification). Unless those requirements are fulfilled, time must be logged as Other.
  • When training or instructing, time is to be logged as training regardless of position within a formation.
  • If you had any kind of accident in a mission but recovered and flew the rest normally, the worse aircraft condition during the mission has to be the one logged. "Lost - Combat" for instance.
  • Specially in the case of UPT students and because of the nature of this training level, they may get loggable time when they submit a track to their instructor. However they should still be practicing with another 9thAF member as much as possible.

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 June 2008 )
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