Command Update December 20th 2010

The 9thAF 23rdFG is recruiting, we are looking for fresh A-10 pilot applications.

If you are interested in team tactics and want to fly the A-10 like the real thing, feel free to visit the join us page. We are not a big squadron but we want to grow and you can be part of it. International applications are more than welcome, we currently have members from North America and Europe.

Squadron news

We are very pleased to announce a joint operations effort with the 5th Virtual Wing Canada (5eEVC). Both partners will help each other in different aspects of training and pilots are allowed to log flight time done with either squadron.The 5eEVC is already transitioning to DCS A-10C for those you would like to give it a try and get a head start with the avionics.

We would also like to congratulate 9thAF_Rider and 9thAF_Badger who just got past IFS and joined the Ground Assault Wing. Welcome in guys !

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 February 2012 )